Dies: A Sentence & Notes on Conceptualisms

«An art print series featuring Scandinavian and international poets/artists. A Print is derivative of its context as well as of each original text. It is sensitized, apprehensively, to the concept of concepts. It is a transaction, defiant, yet pliantly branded and commercialized for its audience, an anthology to be utilized at the reader’s discretion, at leisure, or at will a poster; a postcard; a flyer.

A Print is hard to explain, A Print is A Print.»

Super DISCOUNT, Aud Olsen
Konsumentköplagen: juris lyrik, Ida Börjel
Try Gin & Bak gardinene, Vemund Solheim Ådland
Soldatmarkedet, Monica Aasprong
Ett tunt underlag, G=T=B=R=G
W;s dagböcker, Jenny Tunedal
Dies: A Sentence & Notes on Conceptualisms, Vanessa Place/ Rob Fitterman
I AM HELENA ERIKSSON, (retrato d’un felo), Claude Royet-journoud
Untitled, Derek Beaulieu