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(The program is due to changes)


TUESDAY APRIL 5, 14.15, Auditorium D, Sydneshaugen skole, UiB

Emmanuel Reymond, «Receptions of Poetry: Contemporary circulation between France and Norway»

During the last 20 years, the most contemporary practises in French poetry have received an important echo in Norway, thanks to the development of the publishing system, the organisation of events, such as international festivals (particularly in Bergen), and an increasing, collective interest in what is happening in other linguistic areas at the same time. This lecture, just before the launching of Audiatur’s eight edition, will explore the relationship between French and Norwegian poetry today, its genealogy, the role of the actors involved (writers, translators, publishers), and the processes given as frames (digitalization, cultural funding).

(Arr: Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, University of Bergen)




WEDNESDAY APRIL 6, 20.00, Amalies Hage, Strømgaten 6

Nathalie Quintane and Pavel Arsenev, conversation and readings

(In cooperation with Poesidigg/Henning H. Bergsvåg)




THURSDAY APRIL 7, Bergen Kjøtt



Juliana Spahr reading from That Winter The Wolf Came

Kirill Medvedev reading from It’s No Good

Leif Holmstrand, from Asami Kannon

Aase Berg reading from Hackers

Pavel Arsenev, A post of trust, performance

Aasne Linnestå reading from Morsmål

CAConrad reading from A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon

Nathalie Quintane reading from Tomates

Joshua Clover reading from Red Epic


The video intallation Crowd Speaking by Pavel Arsenev will be screened during the whole festival period.*



FRIDAY APRIL 8, Bergen Kjøtt



Nathalie Quintane in conversation with Thomas Lundbo + reading from Tomates

Kirill Medvedev reading from It’s No Good

Aase Berg in conversation with Karl Larsson



We invite everyone to share the dinner Andreas Christakis have prepared for us



Pavel Arsenev, «On [Translit], magazine and community», talk

Leif Holmstrand, Asami Kannon, performance

Aasne Linnestå reading from Morsmål

Aase Berg reading from Hackers

CAConrad reading from A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon

Joshua Clover reading from Red Epic




SATURDAY APRIL 9, Bergen Kjøtt



Workshop: CAConrad, «The Strength of Poetry»
Please join CAConrad in examining how rituals can reconnect us to one another and the natural cycles of life and put an end to our alienation from the planet. Let us experience how the rituals for creating poems has the power to change us in ways we have yet to fully explore.



Aasne Linnestå in conversation with Carina Elisabeth Beddari

Keti Chukhrov, «Why performing the poetic, and poeticize the performed?», talk

Kirill Medvedev in conversation with Rasmus Graff



We invite everyone to share the dinner Andreas Christakis have prepared for us



Joshua Clover and Juliana Spahr in conversation with Matthew Rana and Simen Hagerup

Keti Chukhrov, «The ‘Afghan’ Market: Kuzminki», dramatical poem

Pavel Arsenev, «On documentary poetical objects instead of lyrical writing», reading/talk

Leif Holmstrand tba

Juliana Spahr reading from That Winter The Wolf Came

Kirill Medvedev sing songs for the working class


* Crowd Speaking by Pavel Arsenev (five channels video installation):
«If communism in its written forms teaches us to trust one another, communism as a spoken form teaches us interdependence. In this video installation leftist literary figures share their perspectives on the contemporary situation of literature and exchange ideas about how it might be reconstructed in the future. The participants articulate their own positions, but with the voices of an other, often polemically disposed participant. This experiment in exchanging signs and organizing the spontaneous subjectivity of the utterance aims to show the extent to which positions within a culture are marked by a mutually divergent character and are organized on the basis of the internal politics of literature. But it also attempts to demonstrate the extent to which our views as a whole are indebted in their construction to the speech of the other.»




Andreas Christakis


Nora Joung, Rasmus Graff, Matthew Rana

A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon


Asami Kannon

Leif Holmstrand


Aase Berg

It’s No Good

Kirill Medvedev


Aasne Linnestå

Просто люди [Bare mennesker]

Keti Chukhrov

Red Epic

Joshua Clover

That Winter the Wolf Came

Juliana Spahr

Транслит [Translit]

v/ Pavel Arsenev


Nathalie Quintane

Miia ToivioMiia Toivio">Miia ToivioMiia Toivio

Leevi Lehto

Att bli ved I og IIAtt bli ved I and II

Fredrik Nyberg


Beata Berggren, Martin Högström, Peter Thörneby

Falsche FreundeFalsche Freunde

Uljana Wolf

Happiness: Poems After RimbaudHappiness: Poems After Rimbaud

Sean Bonney

Spit TempleSpit Temple

Cecilia Vicuña

Tarnac, un acte préparatoireTarnac, un acte préparatoire

Jean-Marie Gleize


Audiatur – Festival for ny poesi 2016 er den syvende Audiatur-festivalen, og den finner sted på Bergen Kjøtt 7.–9. april.

Audiaturs arbeidsgruppe består av Paal Bjelke Andersen, Carina E. Beddari, Karl Larsson, Thomas Lundbo, Cathrine Strøm og Martin Sørhaug.


Festivalen er støttet av Bergen Kommune, Fritt Ord, Grand Hotell Terminus, H, Aschehoug & co, Hordaland Fylkeskommune og Norsk Kulturråd.


Festivalpass: 280,-

Dagspass: 120,-

Studenter: 50% rabatt.

Andreas Christakis tilbreder og serverer middag på Bergen Kjøtt mellom 18.00 og 19.00 fredag og lørdag, og nattmat ca kl 23.00 de samme dagene.

Pris: 60,- per måltid / 100,- for middag og nattmat – meny