Revolution: A Reader

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Revoulution: A Reader is both a collection and a reading of texts on revolution, including texts by such disparate writers as Lucretius, Shelley, Arendt, Solanas and Agamben, as well as many others. In the margin of the paper edition, one finds the editors’ commentaries and discussions on various passages, and in the net edition the readers (we) are invited to contribute with their own commentaries. «Our choice of texts answered our desire to be faithful to our existing histories as readers, rather than any need to become historians of a category», the editors state in the foreword and continue, «So this book doesn’t represent revolution as a general concept, but it follows the specific revolutions we have experienced in our conversations with one another, in our friendships and communities, and with the writers we love.» With this book the editors attempt to bring the revolution into their own bodies, to experience what they call «the radical potentials of our limit, our human embodiment, that energised our work».

Like Revolution: A Reader, Audiatur is the result of the editors’ and organizers’ synchronous and asynchronous reading processes and lives. And like the book, the festival is a chance to embody these experiences. We believe, like Lisa Robertson and Matthew Stadler, that «there is no public space that is not an embodied public space» and «that there is not a politics that does not begin in our desiring cells.»

At the seminar Revolution: A Reader will be represented by Lisa Robertson. 

Lisa Robertson is a poet, born in Canada, now living in France. Her debut was The Apothecary, 1991. Her latest book: Nilling, 2012 at BookThug.

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The Uprising – On Poetry and Finance

Franco «Bifo» Berardi

Revolution: A Reader

Lisa Robertson & Matthew Stadler

Hur låter dikten? Att bli ved II

Fredrik Nyberg

Audiatur – Seminar for en ny poesifestival er et forberedende seminar til Audiatur – Festival for ny poesi 2014. Seminaret arrangeres på Bergen Kunsthall lørdag 9. november 2013.



12.00 Innledning ved arrangørene.

12.15 Franco «Bifo» Berardi
13.15 Lisa Robertson

14.00 Pause

14.30 Fredrik Nyberg
15.30 Panelsamtale

17.00-19.00 Uformelt samvær


Audiatur – Festival for ny poesi 2014 er den sjette Audiatur-festivalen. Denne gangen ha vi invitert tolv verker som presenteres på disse sidene frem mot festivalen på Bergen Kunshall 3.–5. april 2014.

Seminaret og festivalen kurateres av Karl Larsson og Paal Bjelke Andersen.

Audiaturs arbeidsgruppe består av Paal Bjelke Andersen, Carina E. Beddari, Karl Larsson, Thomas Lundbo, Cathrine Strøm og Martin Sørhaug.

Billetter: 80,-


Seminaret er støttet av Bergen Kommune, Fritt Ord og Norsk Kulturråd.