Hur låter dikten? Att bli ved II

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«Who is speaking» is the initial question in Fredrik Nybergs thesis Hur låter dikten? Att bli ved II (What is the Sound of the Poem? Becoming Firewood II). A reply follows: «The poem speaks. And the performance speaks. In a poetry reading the poem is speaking. In a poetry performance the performance itself is speaking.» In Nybergs’s thesis, which is the first doctoral thesis in artistic research presented by an author in Scandinavia, an academic and fictitious, historic and private presentation of the oral qualities of poetry intertwine and are presented in parallel to each other.

In a crucial part of the thesis Nyberg renders how the poems in the adjacent poetry book Att bli ved found their form by being read out loud. By trying out different techniques, spatial and temporal frameworks, he lets not only his own body, but also the body of the room where the reading takes place, play a major part in finalizing the work.

For the seminar Nyberg is asked to present a talk about the poetry festival as a performance environment. He will also act as a consultant to the editorial group of Audiatur up until April 2014.

The thesis is available online here:

Fredrik Nyberg is a poet, based in Gothenburg

Fra arrangørene


The Uprising – On Poetry and Finance

Franco «Bifo» Berardi

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Lisa Robertson & Matthew Stadler

Hur låter dikten? Att bli ved II

Fredrik Nyberg

Audiatur – Seminar for en ny poesifestival er et forberedende seminar til Audiatur – Festival for ny poesi 2014. Seminaret arrangeres på Bergen Kunsthall lørdag 9. november 2013.



12.00 Innledning ved arrangørene.

12.15 Franco «Bifo» Berardi
13.15 Lisa Robertson

14.00 Pause

14.30 Fredrik Nyberg
15.30 Panelsamtale

17.00-19.00 Uformelt samvær


Audiatur – Festival for ny poesi 2014 er den sjette Audiatur-festivalen. Denne gangen ha vi invitert tolv verker som presenteres på disse sidene frem mot festivalen på Bergen Kunshall 3.–5. april 2014.

Seminaret og festivalen kurateres av Karl Larsson og Paal Bjelke Andersen.

Audiaturs arbeidsgruppe består av Paal Bjelke Andersen, Carina E. Beddari, Karl Larsson, Thomas Lundbo, Cathrine Strøm og Martin Sørhaug.

Billetter: 80,-


Seminaret er støttet av Bergen Kommune, Fritt Ord og Norsk Kulturråd.